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The first step in our exterior detailing is the vehicle is completely hand washed including all doorjambs, wheel wells, exhaust, wheels, and engine compartment. Next your vehicle will then be dried by hand using a combination of air pressure, and specialty tools such as shamee”s and “jelly bean squeegees”. No towels are used as they can leave marks in your clear coat. Contaminants will then be removed from the painted surfaces by using a clay bar with a waxing lubricate. This process will remove rail dust from brake pads, tar, tree sap, and stubborn bug proteins. A compounding process will be done using a high-speed polisher to reduce or remove surface scratches, swirl marks from automated car washes and scuffs. The vehicle will then have a coat of high quality wax applied and worked into the paint with a Dual action polisher. This will restore the shine and luster back to a like new finish.

Our next step in our detailing process is with a coat of wax sealant with Teflon. This step will add protection to your cars  the sun, a dirt free and clean interior. To be able to achieve this for your car and to give it the love and attention it deserves we will need your vehicle for approximately 6 to 7 hours for a full detail and approximately 4 hours for an exterior or interior detail. This will allow it time to properly dry and deodorize. Shuttle services and a drop box are available to assist you leaving your vehicle with us.


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